Irish Soccer News

Liverpool fans will be rejoicing as their side have been drawn against Roma in the semi-final of the Champions League. They will be delighted as they know they could have easily drawn treble seekers Real Madrid or German giants Bayern Munich. Read the rest of this entry »
Arsenal have been given a semi-final draw that they probably didn’t want this morning. The Gunners were drawn against tournament favourites Atletico Madrid Read the rest of this entry »
In two teams as effervescent in attack as Manchester City and Tottenham have been this season, it can be all too easy sometimes to simply heap all praise upon the strikers Read the rest of this entry »
Bray Wanderers have announced Graham Kelly as their caretaker manager after Dave Mackey announced his resignation last week. Read the rest of this entry »
Man United are set for another sensational bid on Real Madrid star Ronaldo. They are according to reports weighing up the idea of offering current goalkeeper David De Gea plus 70 million Read the rest of this entry »
The top contenders were long back decided because some teams are just geared up enough to win. Anyhow, the relegation is still hanging behind, and there is going to be a huge scramble to the finish line as this is the week of the international break. It is an almost universal knowledge that each time around [...] Read the rest of this entry »
Picture a group of players smashing the buttons on slot machines trying to go as quickly as they can on to the next spin. They are hardly even paying attention to if the bet was won or lost. Read the rest of this entry »